Saturday, December 17, 2016

2016 Reindeer Run

At the start of the 2017 Reindeer Run!
Weather: Flurries, 20°F (Feels like 9°F), 100% Precipitation, 81% Humidity, Winds SSE @ 10 mph.
Route: Reindeer Run 5k in Downtown Rochester, NY
Time (Pace): 26:34, 8:33 min/mile.

Pre-Race Ruminations: Woke up early,even for me on a weekend, and was a little glad that the wintry, cold weather of the past few days had not yet dissipated. Warmer temps in the forecast means slippery roads and for today's 5k, that would be an unnecessary addition to what is likely to be challenging conditions.

I've been back at running consistently for the past week, hopeful to run today's fun, holiday run pain free and with an eye toward the Winter Warrior Half Marathon in 3 weeks(!). Training this week has been slow but exhilarating as the primal weather conditions have made for exciting mental play mid-run. As with event road races, I'm setting out solo, with a book to keep me company before the start. One of the freeing aspects of running against only oneself is the sense of calm and the ability to embrace the "adversary": myself.

Feeling Rudolph, but
looking Krampus post-race.
Post-Run Reflections: Just before the race, YellowJacket Racing announcer said, "For those of you running the Winter Warrior Half Marathon, you're welcome!" I suspect that if the weather is as "seasonal" in January as it was today. those of us running will be appreciative of this practice. The 3.2 mile Reindeer Run course, whcih ran through city streets, river walks and access roads was fairly well-maintained but did include the usual challenges to be expected in December. Standing snow covering the occasional icy patch, slushy build-up, and fresh cover made for a challenging, but enjoyable surface. Definitely not a PR day, also accurately suggested by Ellen pore-race, it was am invigorating engagement with the elements.

I succeeded in both fiinsihing the run with a smile, albeit a chilled one, and with relatively little discomfort (need to get some warmer socks!). In the past weeks I have re-discovered the joys of winter running--any ahces that do exist due to wear-and-tear are much less noticeable in the colder temps and the necessity of focusing on footstep and surface ameliorates any mental energy spent considering tweaks and stings.

As an added bonus to this morning's run, I am looking forward to an hour of Western New York cross-training (translation: shoveling) when I get home! The Currier & Ives appearance of our recent winter blasts has made it much easier to romanticize (and therefore psychologically "deal with") what is shaping up to be a much more brumal season than the recent past.

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