Saturday, January 07, 2017

2017 Winter Warrior Half Marathon

Weather: Mostly Cloudy, 21°F (9°F), 54% Humidity, Wind: W @ 11 mph.
Route: Winter Warrior Half Marathon
Time (Pace): 1:52.02 (gun) 1:51.28 (official), 8:27 min/mile

Pre-Race Observations: Same location as last year's Winter Warrior, but significantly cooler temps. Whereas last January, we were working with a balmy 47°F, at the 4 p.m. start tonight, the temperature is forecast to be about 21°F with a "real feel" of about 9°F! Though I don't mind these conditions too much for running (especially after the first mile or two, it does make for a rather uncomfortable spectator experience, which brings me to the another difference from last year's run, Anne will be staying home. It will be cold and I will be running for up to two-and-a-half hours during which time she would be sitting in the car. Her logic is sound for staying home and I don't blame her in the least.

This afternoon's race is a flat, fast, "loop course," as seen in last year's route scouting trip. I may be past any huge performance breakthroughs, but I am planning to finish with a smile and break 2:00, slower than last year, but respectable given the training I have been doing.

Post-Run Reflections: It was definitely colder than last year (note the icicle-snot-stache!), but other than the temps, and a Westerly wind, conditions were excellent. No precipitation (even in the days leading up to the event) meant there were no issues with footing, always a good thing. As was the case last year, I was fortunate to tie my tale to some good runners with whom I was able to pace myself to a good performance. I went out, and maintained, a comfortable pace throughout finishing in 1:51.28, a difference of about 6 seconds per mile off last year's time.

After having the medal placed around my neck and fetching water (the paper cup needed to be gently crushed to break the ice that had formed on the water's surface), I hustled home. I was excited to share my feeling of accomplishment with  to celebrate with Anne. I learned quite a bit during my experience tonight, from maintaining form, evening overall pace and maintaining breathing cadence. And I confirmed for myself that I am still capable of a solid effort with the right mindset and planning (however quickly thrown together.

Individual results for the event from our friends at Yellowjacket Racing are available HERE.

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