Monday, June 26, 2017

Spring Veggie Garden Set-up... in Summer

Chilling near an entrance to his underground lair, the backyard bunny surveys
that area prior to my preparation of the vegetable garden bed. (6/10/17)
Getting the garden started this Spring took a little longer than expected, so long in fact that our backyard bunny had grown fairly comfortable lounging around his newly appointed snacking field. Summer's arrived and I have a number of other projects lining up for completion during the two week break from teaching. With time to get started past due, I finally turned over the garden patch and prepped it for planting last weekend. Two days later, my wife and I drove out to the gardening store, purchased plantings and plopped them into the ground. The next day, she and her son installed our anti-rabbit fence, and now the tending begins...

Clearly it's time to get down to the business of turning over,
weeding and mulching the garden bed. (6/10/17)
At one point many years ago I stopped using roto-tiller in favor of
a pitchfork and rake--a much more satisfying method! (6/14/17)
Pitchfork'd. (6/14/17)
Weeds be-gone, compost applied, garden ready. (6/14/17)
A line of bean seeds planted and marked with stick. (6/17/17)
Each year the content of our vegetable garden shifts and changes. (6/17/17)
Ready, set... GROW! (6/17/17)
Last summer kale, this summer string beans. (6/23/17)
After Anne sets up bunny fencing and bean poles,
things are ready to rock... aided by a welcome summer

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