Monday, July 03, 2017

Favorite Summer Things

Backyard bunny stops by for a nibble. (7/3/17)
Very few of my neighbors cut their own lawn anymore. Seeing folks outside laying their own mulch in the spring/early summer is a rare occurrence. These were chores forced upon me as a child that I have come to take great comfort doing myself in adulthood. There is something very rewarding and therapeutic about throwing down mulch, pulling weeds and just plain ol' digging in the dirt. I am rarely alone in working in doing yard work in the early morning hours. Fortunately, my wife, the bunny that lives under our shed, neighborhood birds and all types of worms and insects keep me company. These are among my favorite moments in summer time.

Front yard with Japanese Maple. (7/3/17)
Hens and chicks from the backyard. Reminders of my
late grandmother's yard. (7/3/17)
Our original large compost pit made with stakes and chicken wire to far left,
next to shed and vegetable garden with a smaller composter within. (7/3/17)
Had a thing for ornamental grasses a few years ago
and ferns are beyond plentiful. (7/3/17)
Baby bell pepper in the vegetable garden. (7/3/17)
A number of our plants are inspect magnets... everything has its purpose. (7/3/17)
"Stones" made by my children almost 15 years ago and originally planted
at my parents home. After my father's death and mother's move to smaller
living arrangement, they have found their way to our yard. (7/3/17)

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