Sunday, August 21, 2011

Run: 6.3 miles in :54.28 min. @ 7:00 a.m.

This morning I ran past the former site of one old high school hangout, Midtown Plaza... which has been recently replaced by a slowly developing crater in the center of the city.

Weather: Rain Shower, 66°F, 95% Humidity, Wind: NNW @ 6 mph; feels like 66°F.
Route: Downtown Rochester and Points South.
Pace: 8:38 min/mile
Effort: 4 of 5
How did I feel? Good.

A pleasant drizzly morning run. Though I consciously tried to address the need to go more slowly, my pace was roughly the same as yesterday... maybe that is my slow pace, but could it also possibly be my fast pace, too?

I overdressed slightly this morning and had to shed a thin sweatshirt at about mile three. I quickly pulled the sweathshirt over my head and stuffed it into one of those free newspaper boxes that are common in suburban supermarkest and city street corners. I swung by later to retrieve it as it is one of my favorite old race freebies due to the ee cummings poem quote on the back...

Be here now!

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