Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rochester Half Marathon

Run: 13.1 miles in 1:42.00 min. @ 7:45 a.m.
Weather: Sunny, 45°F, 89% Humidity, Winds: Calm; feels like 45°F.
Route: Half Marathon Course.
Pace: 7:47 min/mile
Effort: 5 of 5
How did I feel? Super!

Re-Race Ramblings: For the first time in exactly twelve months, I wake up this morning and my pre-race routine is pretty much the same as its been for the four years previous that I was running races (5ks to ultras): bowl of oatmeal, cup o' joe, check out the weather forecast, prep check, shower up, get dressed and head on out. Today's destination is only 5 minutes by car (and not much linger by foot), so there is little need to leave too early. This timing chip this year is built into the number so no need to wait in line for the ankle strap on variety. The weather should be near perfect and only a lingering ache in my knees (something I've been trying to work against psychologically for two days now) gives me pause that my goal of finish under two hours will not be met.

Post-Race Reflections: I was very happy that my son decided to give up his Sunday morning and accompany me to the race, and it was also great to reconnect with some friends from the running community that I had not seen since I stopped running races locally (actually, at all).

In the end, I reached my target of finishing in under two hours, by quite a bit and was on,y off my time from last year (a period of my life when I was significantly more "trained up" by five minutes. I was also extremely proud of two of the girls I have coached in track and taught for many years who not only finished the race but did so in under two hours too! What a tremendous morning and what a great opportunity to celebrate it with friends and family.

Be here now!

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