Saturday, September 24, 2011

Run: 5.3 miles in :41.33 min. @ 7:50 a.m.

Weather: Cloudy, 60°F, 88% Humidity, Wind: WSW @ 7 mph; feels like 60°F.
Route: Into the City & Out.
Pace: 7:50 min/mile
Effort: 5 of 5
How did I feel? Good!

One week removed from having completed my first road race in a year and, having almost fully recovered, I am asking myself, "What's next?" I'm the kind of "runner" who works much better with a goal in mind whether it be finishing a 5k or surviving an ultra. This morning represents the first real activity since the race, other than jogging courses from sight point to sight point during my student-athlete's recent x-c meet, and I'm thinking that once I get back into the swing of "training," some event or race will reveal itself as being worthy of the early morning hours I'd need to invest to successfully complete it.

This morning's run into Rochester theough the South Wedge and out down East Avenue was a beautiful one... with Fall here, I am reafiirmed in my belief that autmun it is by far my favorite running season.

Be here now!

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