Saturday, September 03, 2011

Run: 5.7 miles in :48.20 min. @ 5:45 a.m.

Weather: Fair, 72°F, 92% Humidity, Wind: WSW @ 7 mph; feels like 72°F.
Route: A short loop intentionally including a section of the Rochester 1/2 Marathon course.
Pace: 8:28 min/mile
Effort: 4 of 5
How did I feel? Blah.

Having a tight schedule this morning, and a reunion of sorts with an old friend last night, my optimism around getting my distance run in this morning before cross-country practice at 9:00 was waining just a little. On the positive side, the weather forecast for 5:30 profoundly different than the icons on the Weather Channel website for the remainder of the day, so this morning seems to be the best chance to get the miles in.... in the final analysis, there is only one word for this morning's run: brutal.

Despite knowing that drinking alcohol at all makes my knees ache the following day, I had two small glasses of wine last night with dinner (though to my credit I rotated with H20, which I drank quite a bit of) and with the full understanding that fried foods sit in my stomach, I had a fish fry. It was worth it to have a nice dinner with friends, but I paid for it this morning. I felt heavy and achy, and sensibly (I think) reduced on the fly my intended 10 miles to a marginally more manageable five miles.

With tomorrow morning being my son's cross-country pancake breakfast fundraiser, I may have to further hold off on my longer run until Monday morning--the last day of summer before haviong to reort to school Tuesday morning.
Be here now!

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