Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Big Sky Recollections: 8/14/08

The view directly outside my brother-in law's back door in Cheyenne, Wyoming, circa 2008.
Digging through old blog post drafts seeking inspiration, I came across these pictures which were originally uploaded to Blogger a little over three years ago following one of our trips west to visit my brother-in-law. He and his wife live in Cheyenne, Wyoming, an area best described as "the middle of nowhere." We have not been back to Cheyenne in a few years, opting last year to visit him in Aspen, Colorado instead. Some days, I find myself missing Wyoming.There is something calming (humblin?) about the big sky; it seems a very different space from the one I inhabit daily in upstate New York.

This is me at one of the Curt Gowdy National Parks off Happy Jack Road.
The view just down the road from his house.
Some might say there is nothing to do in Wyoming.... I would usually just go out and walk...

... and then walk some more.

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