Sunday, November 06, 2011

2011 Pull-the-Plug Regatta Recap

Scenic Pittsford, New York, site of the 2011 Pull the Plug Regatta (11/6/11).
The final regatta of the fall season was held today on the Erie Canal--a body of water which in a few weeks will be drained as the locks are dropped, the "plug" effectively being "pulled." But before the shopping carts and discarded bottles could rise from the bottom of the canal there were races to be run! The Pull the Plug, organized by Pittsford Crew, is always an extremely pleasant way to close the fall season, and we were once again fortunate this year, to have wonderful autumnal weather in which to watch the races. This would be the final weekend of "timed races," wherein the spectating is challenging (especially for those like myself with a low crew-IQ) as you have to watch bow numbers carefully to gauge what places (and therefore medals) are in play as they pass by.

The boats of the Varsity 8+ (A) make their way down the Erie Canal.

The McQuaid Men's Varsity 8+ (A) in the final race of the day.
For the first time this fall, my stepson's team, McQuaid Jesuit, had a full slate of A and B "fours" (four rowers and a coxswain) and "eights" (eight rowers and a coxswain) set to compete. As is usually the case with these close-to-home meets, I spectated for long enough to see him row, went home to grade papers and returned for the second race some three hours later. The Men's Varsity 4+ (A), a race that I failed to take pictures of, was the first for him of the day, and it turned out to be the high point for the team as they medalled by placing second. This was a significant feat, especially given the competition at the regatta. Despite a valiant effort, the Varsity 8+ (A), seen above, finished fourth in a tough field, failing to medal.

Quiet has returned to the Erie Canal... until next year!
With the fall crew season complete, and the swimming (my stepson Gregory) and Indoor Track and Field (my son, Jack, and I) seasons on the horizon, I look forward to the Spring when we'll do it all again... but with the even more exciting head-to-head races!

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