Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Comic Book Finds: Bigfoot (2005)

NOTE TO SELF: Do NOT screw with Bigfoot! (from Bigfoot #3)
Small comic book publishing companies provide the unique opportunity to present stories free of the weight of tens-of-years of continuity. Over the past fifteen or so years, I have found myself purchasing independent press offerings as a means of cleansing my fanboy palette of spider clones, Phoenix rebirths and Superman reboots. More often than not, they get filed away, hidden until being rediscovered. The bigger collector "sin" is that more than once I have neglected to see the series through to its end. This is for any number of reasons: less expendable income, loss of interest or just availability.

Bigfoot Issue #1.
While digging through some old long boxes I recently came across one such title I had long forgotten about. Now, seven years after its initial publication, my regret stings as my appreciation for those creative talents involved has grown in the past seven years. Bigfoot (2005) was an IDW four-issue miniseries written by comic book horror legend Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) and Rob Zombie (yes, that Rob Zombie) with art by legendary horror illustrator Richard Corbin. I am a fairly recent convert to the Richard Corbin fan club (thanks in large part to his Marvel H.P. Lovecraft books of a few years ago) and was surprised to realize that I'd 1) had the first three issues of these beautifully rendered books in my attic for  seven years without realizing it and 2) failed to buy the fourth issue.

Bigfoot (2005) presents the ape-man not as a Harry and the Henderson lovable lunk, but rather (as one might expect from Zombie) a brutal force of nature out to protect his Pacific Northwest territory. While Bigfoot is the draw for the book, he spends much of the time in the shadows (at least in the first three issues in my possession), appearing only to tear through the human cast before disappearing again. The well crafted narrative centers around Bill Fuller, a man who survived an attack by the beast twenty-years earlier as a child; an attack that took the lives of his parents. Now haunted by his loss, and seeking revenge, Bill convinces some locals to help him hunt the predator...

Now that I have re-found these three issues, I feel somewhat obligated (driven) to, seven years later, finish the story I started in 2005. Fortunately, I was able to locate a copy via for the price of $3.90, nine cents less than the original cover price--which back in 2005 was not an inexpensive cost for a single issue. Once I get around to ordering it and adding it to the other four issues, that will be at least one "collector's sin" repented for, and a Rare Find made whole for future readings.

Bigfoot (2005) by Niles, Zombie and Corben is available as a trade paperback from a number of online stores or, better yet, check the back issue racks, bins and boxes at your local comic shop.

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