Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Weekly Reading: March 28

(Nearly) equal parts "something old and something new."
This week, due to commitments after work (and long after the official work day ends), I hustled to the comic shop during my lunch break. This is a rare occurrence during the work/school year. Because the likelihood of the stars aligning in just such a way wherein I could attempt a mid-day "comic book run" during the school year are unlikely, I figured I would risk it.

When I shared with my wife my conundrum of being unable to get to the shop on Wednesday because of being busy, she suggested I simply "wait until Thursday and go." Ha! With my stepson backing me up (who himself was looking forward to the most recent Transformers issue), I declared that option unacceptable and was determined to find away to get to the shop without missing meaningful work time or my after school activities. Fortunately, utilizing daredevil (yet safe) driving skills I was able to make the trek to the city and back in 35 minutes--no time for browsing the racks, this week!

There were a large number of new release this week that I was looking forward to--and even a few more that did not find their way onto my list and into my bag that may warrant another detour later this week. (I'm looking at you Dead Edwardians...) This week I once again dipped into the Barsoomian bucket and extracted some back issue from  the battling publication runs of John Carter comics.

This week's booty consisted of:
All Star Western (DC) #7
American Vampire (Vertigo) #25
Hawken (IDW) #3
I, Vampire (DC) #7
John Carter: A Princess of Mars (Marvel) #1, 3, 4
Justice League Dark (DC) #7
Ultimate Comics The Ultimates (Marvel) #8
The Walking Dead (Image) #95

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