Sunday, April 01, 2012

First Haiga of NPM

Backyard, yesterday afternoon (3/31/12).

Under fragile pine,
shrewd rabbit nibbles damp grass
one blade at a time.
It's National Poetry Month, so it's as good a time as nay to get back on the haiga (haiku + image, in my case, photographs). The wonderful thing about haiku is that whether what you generate is "good" or "bad" there is always something (a moment) "around" one to offer worthy inspiration. Take, for example, the rabbit my wife and (mostly) I have been keeping an eye on for the past day.

While it has been entertaining the past few days watching the rabbit lay about our backyard avoiding the dog, my wife reminds me that it might not be quite so "fun" when the rabbit and his pals are eating away at our small vegetable garden in a few months.

At worst, though, the experience and frustration of warding off hungry bunnies it will supply fodder for a series of haiga/haiku. At best, they'll (the poems) actually be "good."

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