Thursday, August 02, 2012

Cataloguing Comics, Continued

Updated long boxes always being added to.
A few weeks ago I began the task of cataloguing my comic book collection, an activity for which the small details continue. Where as my initial goal was to get my 25+ year collection into order by genre (Western, Horror/Sci-Fi, Pulp and Hero), I eventually set about separating the "Hero" books by publisher (overwhelmingly DC and Marvel), and then further classify them by publishing company "universes" (DC has original continuity and New 52, Marvel has 616 and Ultimate). While I briefly experienced a degree of comic book overload, it has been an enjoyable experience going back through books I haven't read (in some cases) in decades.

"The Vault" contains copies of titles that no longer actively collect: but never say never!
Each time I stop at my local comic shop (lcs), I have habitually been purchasing cardboard dividers for use in separating each long box further by title. As I continue to acquire card board separators, I have been using post-it notes as temporary placeholders. Because many of the comics I have collected o late have been mini (3-8 issues) or maxi (9-12 issue) series titles, there is the need for quite a few dividers. As I have done since I was in high school (at first with pen and masking tape, and now with computer labels), I will further organize each long box by adhering to each divider a label in which I've recorded with the title, publisher, publication dates, and inclusive issues (if not an entire run).

As I've suggested previously, much like some folks may collect baseball cards, crochet, scarpbook or  or consume illegal substances to "stay sane," collecting comic books helps me stay focused and engaged in a way that I find very relaxing.

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