Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Eagle Scout Project Before & After

Before, Trail 1 (8/19/12).
Despite the weirdly inconsistent shading/coloring of these pictures, I assure you these are the same trail area, just at different points. Those captioned as "Before" were taken when Greg and I went to Scout the site a week prior, and the "After" shots, were taken, well... after the completion of the Scout Eagle Project.

Trail 1 was designed to be an S-shaped walking path. While working on it the first day, the decision was made to add a third access path, so looking at the path from the northern end gave it more of a "J" shape. Greg opted to reuse the downed tree trunks and larger branches to border/edge this trail.

Before, Trail 1 (8/19/12)
Before, Trail 1 (8/19/12).
After, Trail 1 (8/26/12).
After, Trail 1 (8/26/12).
Trail 2 was simply a straight-on access path connecting two riding areas of the Equicenter. This path was lined with stones excavated from what would eventually be groomed to act as the trail heads during the first day of work.

Before, Trail 2 (8/19/12).
After, Trail 2 (8/26/12).
My sense was that those of us who assisted in completing the project felt very satisfied with the final product and proud of having been part of the project. I had hoped to do some volunteering during my summer break, and fro myself, this was a quality way to meet this desire.

Next: after completing the necessary paperwork, calculating the volunteers groups cumulative hours of service, and getting all the proper signatures, sometime later this fall, at a Boy Scout Court of Honor, Greg will receive his Eagle Scout Award!

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