Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Eagle Scout Project, Day 2

A sign of the time (and project) outside the Equicenter.
Sunday's two hour shift went by very quickly as all that was left to complete were the small touches that would make the trails accessible and safe. There were exposed roots to pull, dirt to shovel, and areas to be even more carefully leveled.

With five boys (and Greg's mother. father and myself, too) we made short work of the remainder of the Eagle Service Project following the exhaustive five hours put in the previous day. When Greg and I were driving the Gator back to the garage, I asked if he felt relieved that it had finally been completed. "It hasn't really sunk in yet," he replied," it probably won't until I get my Eagle badge."

The crew extraxcting even MORE small exposed roots.
Another fine day driving the Gator between digging... #Sorrynotsorry
Filling divots and uneven sections of the trail.
Probably appropriate to take at least one pic of horses at the Equicenter!
Coming soon: before and after shots of both the trails!

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