Friday, November 02, 2012

Cheyenne Sky

Early in the morning on 10/28/12. Despite being coal country, wind farms have
been part of the horizon for a number of years here.
While we were by no means on vacation this past weekend in Wyoming (actually, quite the contrary), I couldn't help but find a few minutes to go out on the deck, check out the sky and occasionally snap a picture or two. Only after downloading a this morning, four days later, do I realize that I snapped a picture (each in a slightly different direction) from my brother-in-law's back porch, of the Cheyenne "skyline" at three different points during the day. It doesn't really mean anything, but I thought it beautiful enough to share...

Late afternoon (judging from the location of the sun) the same day.

Evening sunset, 10/28/12.

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