Friday, January 04, 2013

Classic Deadpool?

Despite never being much of a fan of Marvel's "Merc with a Mouth" character, Deadpool, this most recent print ad for the upcoming Deadpool Killustrated mini-series which began showing up in last week's releases has me mildly intrigued.  While Deadpool was bearable in his minor supporting role in the recently concluded Uncanny X-Force series, and as a playable character and boss in various Marvel video game appearances, he's always seemed more of a Nineties one-note gimmick than a character.

In the past few years, Marvel has published a few Classics Illustrated type titles, adaptations of classic literature, under the "Marvel Illustrated" banner. Just how popular (translation: "profitable") these were, I'm uncertain nut the name recognition among fanboys must be moderately high as the Merc with a Mouth's most recent title clearly plays on that "classic" series of adaptations. Deadpool Killustrated appears to have the character interacting with (judging solely from covers) famous literary characters such as Captain Ahab and Tom Sawyer.

Completely unaware of the title's official announcement back in October, the striking ad to the left caught me a little off guard, but in a good way. My class and I had been recently discussing Herman Melville's classic novel, Moby Dick, so coming across this seemed like a bit of synchronicity. I've also recently picked up Deadpool's Marvel NOW! series, due mostly to rave reviews of other detractors. Given the additional draw of being written by Sixth Gun's Cullen Bunn, the time seems right to give this more outlandish character vehicle a shot.

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