Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bigger Bunny in the Weeds

Dusk (10/11/13)
A little over three weeks ago, I posted some pictures of an urban rabbit relaxing beneath some small weeds at the base of our backyard shed. This evening while helping my wife prepare dinner, I looked out the kitchen window and was pleased to see a larger looking rabbit sitting exposed about four feet from where one had been during the previous photo shoot. It was dusk, and at the time of the evening, we'll often notice on our recent walks the rabbit population come out of hiding in our city neighborhood.

I suspect that the rabbit pictured above lives beneath or behind our shed, and I am cool with that. He (she?) certainly seemed comfortable sitting there and was not distracted when I went upstairs to my stepson's second floor bedroom, opened the window (there is no screen) and carefully dangled out so as to document his (the rabbit's) presence among the weeds.

Bunny in the weed-patch at dusk. (10/11/13)

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