Sunday, October 20, 2013

Family Weekend at Columbia

Tourists gather around Alma Mater. (10/18/13)
Anne and I spent this past weekend in New York City, visiting my stepson at Columbia University for the  2013 Family Weekend. In addition to catching up, sitting in on some excellent lectures, and eating too much good grub, my wife and I spent quite a bit of time waiting. Gregory was understandably busy at crew practice and doing laundry, which afforded us time over two days to snap pictures of just a few of the many pieces of artwork on display at the main campus and beyond. Fortunately, there were a number we didn't get to, which leaves us with some early plans for next year's Family Weekend.

We started our weekend on Friday, snapping pics around the quad, especially the Low Memorial Library.

Bust of John Howard Van Amringe in column-supported cupola outside Wallach
and Hartley Halls. (10/18/13)
Statue of famed Columbia dropout and Founding Father Alexander Hamilton
outside the hall bearing his name. (10/18/13)
The Great God Pan crafted by George Grey Barnard and
displayed on the Lewisohn Lawn. (10/18/13)
 The blogger with Pan's ass. (10/18/13)
The Scholars’ Lion.(10/18/13)
Columbia's copy of The Thinker (Le Penseur) is an authentic cast
by French sculptor Auguste Rodin himself, one of only a few in the world.(10/19/13)
Saturday morning, we arrived on campus early and had to wait an hour for Gregory to return from practice. While wandering the grounds, we ultimately found our way to Revson Plaza, the bridge connecting the old part of the Morningside Heights campus to the Columbia Law School. There are a number of beautiful sculptures on the plaza.

Bellerophon Taming Pegasus by Jacques Lipchitz. (10/19/13)
David Bakalar's Life Force. (10/19/13)
Tightrope Walker, a bronze sculpture by Kees Verkade (10/19/13)
Three-Way Piece: Points by Henry Moore. (10/19/13)

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