Sunday, January 26, 2014


Best-selling author Uncle Si!? (1/26/14)
This past Christmas my mother gifted me with a Chia Pet. Not just any old Chia Pet but a Duck Dynasty one. I have only seen about 5 minutes of Duck Dynasty (which was more than enough to determine I need never watch it again) but my mother thought I might think it was funny to have one as I have a beard. I'm not very familiar with the "cast" of Duck Dynasty but I'm fairly certain this is not the one who caught heat for insensitive comments in a recent interview. Believe it or not (and I really have a hard time believing it--but props to him), Uncle Si is the best-selling author of the book Si-cology 1: Tales and Wisdom from Duck Dynasty's Favorite Uncle.

I have wanted a Chia Pet since I was a child and this wintry afternoon seems like as good a one as any to embark on my Chia-dventure (like Uncle Si, I too like puns)!

Step 1a. "Soak your Chia Planter in water for 1 hour." (1/26/14)

Step 1b. Leave it there for 1 hour. (1/26/14)

"Step 3. Fill Chia Planter with water and place in drip tray provided." (1/26/14)

"Apply seed mixture to the grooved surfaces of your planter..." (1/26/14)
I am a little hesitant to predict the "lush coat" promised in Step 6, and am really crossing my fingers that this afternoon project yields better results than the ill-fated Sea Monkeys farm back in 1976. I will definitely share Chia Si's progress one way or another...

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