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Roadie: 2014 Cornell Robert Kane Invitational

The second heat of the Men's 3000 meter run is off! (2/1/14)
After a snowstorm-that-never-materialized (fortunately) precluded me from going to last weekend's Oneonta Track and Field indoor track meet, I did manage to venture out yesterday in far less potentially dangerous condition to Ithaca, New York for the 2014 Robert Kane Invitational at Cornell University. My son, Jack, was registered to run in the 3000 run toward the very end of the track events, which gave me a little time to watch some of the other races.

Barton Hall on the campus of Cornell University. (2/1/14)
I have been to Cornell University three times in the past for track meets, but have never had the opportunity to be purely a spectator having always been there to coach student-athlete's I had participating. During the New York State High School Indoor Track and Field Championship held here annually in March, sitting and viewing space is at a premium. Not-so-much with college events. The additional mobility this allowed for spectators (like moi) provided the opportunity to appreciate the nuanced beauty of the old building.

The Oneonta team had premium seats for cheering during the meet. (2/1/14)
Despite having a pretty really good camera, the inconsistent lighting and multiple shadows that the help give the track "character" also made taking good pictures difficult. Going to these events (especially indoors) is always a learning experience for the forever-newbie parent-photographer. At x-c meets I like to arrive early to watch the earlier races (usually women's) to assess good vantage points from which to take pictures. Indoors, I'll attempt to take pictures of earlier events to alter settings for the best possible pic. As you can see from the results, I still have some learning to do.

Heat #1 of the Women's 800 meter Run. (2/1/14)

My son and his teammates taking in the race. (2/1/14)

Teammates support one another during events. (2/1/14)
One aspect of collegiate Track and Field that I' am glad is very consistent with its high school analog is the support teammates and coaches offer their peers/student-athletes. Through the meet, teammates would take a break from warm-ups and cool-downs to support their teammates.

Off the line right at the shot in Heat #3 of the Women's 800m Run. (2/1/14)
Oneonta freshman Andy Fleming (6) and junior Jay Berube (8) in Heat #2
of the Men's 800m Run. (2/1/14)

The Women's 200m Dash at the gun. (2/1/14)

Men's 200m Dash start. (2/1/14)

Coach Angelo... uh... coaching during Heat #1
of the Men's 3000m. (2/1/14)

My son to the far right at the start of Heat #2 of the 3000m Run. (2/1/14)
Again...Heat #2 Men's 3000m Run start. (2/1/14)
Heat #2 Men's 3000m Run. (2/1/14)
Jack in Men's 3000m Run. (2/1/14)
Teammate Dominic Costanza takes control of Heat #2. (2/1/14)
All-in-all a solid meet for Oneonta, with even better results coming in the future. Full results from teh 2014 Robert Kane Invitational are available here.

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