Monday, April 14, 2014

Country Rabbits Gone Wild!

Two good ole-fashioned Eastern Cottontails. (4/12/14)
A beautiful Saturday evening was spent eating chicken barbecue at the kitchen table looking out into my mother-in-law's backyard. It was made even more special by the appearance of three wild rabbits. She lives out in the "country" east of Rochester, and while rabbits are certainly not unique to the city, seeing so many of them in such close proximity to one another, is.

Camo-style rabbits on the loose. (4/12/14)
According to my mother-in-law these bunnies frequent the overgrown "wild" area behind her house, which does get a number of different animals passing through, attracted by the apples that fall from the trees. populated primarily by old apples. They also are not very camera shy, having been slightly socialized by the country roads that run nearby.

"Look, he's posing for you." (4/12/14)
So unfazed by my presence (or that of the guy grilling in the driveway across the street that backs up to the lot), that I was able to catch the same two rabbits from a number of angles. The picture at the top of the post, wherein the rabbits look to be right next to one another, was taken from a different angle from the one directly below where you can see they are in fact 3-4 feet apart.

Chillin'. (4/12/14)
It was relaxing spending time hanging out with country rabbits, and it further motivated me to continue checking out our own kitchen window in an effort to catch city rabbits at play.

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