Friday, April 18, 2014

Fanboy Spring Break Adventures

The final product: IDW's Transformer comics in story order. (4/16/14)
When my stepson went off to college last fall, I continued carrying the comic book titles he had been reading for the past 5 or 6 years on my "pull list" from our local comic shop. These amount to anywhere from 4-6 titles a month, including the IDW Publishing's line of Transformers titles, Doctor Who and anything having to do with the video games (Halo, Assassin's Creed) he plays while home.

Each week, I add to the pile of books pulled for my stepson. (4/16/14)
Shortly after he left in September, I set about boarding and bagging all of his books (the process really can be sort of meditative), and organized the Transformers books by title, of which there are quite a few. Now, six months later and with time on my hands during Spring Break, I've returned to the four boxes neatly stacked in his room, and decide to reorganize the two short boxes which represent his IDW Transformers collection. This time, armed with a story-line chronology of the recent IDW mythos, I set about reorganizing all of the titles, thus representing a beginning to "end" story.

A "table" set for boarding, bagging and watching crappy zombie movies on Netflix. (4/16/14)
Though other titles are present, my focus this time was on the Transformers. (4/16/14)
There are many chronologies, or orders. for the Transformer's titles, but I went with one that seemed accessible to someone, such as myself, nit necessarily familiar with all of the ins-and-outs of the various adventures. Given that the comics sport centerfold covers rather than ones depicting events specific to that issue, it was even more necessary to have an order which was carefully broken down by title and number.

Gaps are identity after grouping issues by merged  story-line. (4/16/14)
Though the task may appear monotonous, I find it relaxing, and while I have yet to formally read each issue, I do enjoy thumbing through them. One great accomplishment of the IDW Transformer's line of titles is the relative consistency of characterization, especially visually. Thought he creative teams have been fairly regular, regardless of the issue most Autobots and Decepticons maintain a familiar look. This is much different than some of the books I collect (take Spider-man for example) where each creative team tweaks the hero's costume.

It is done. (4/16/14)
While my colleagues and students are vacationing in faraway (and warmer) locales, I am able to respond to their queries regarding the quality of my break with an assertive "very relaxing." In addition to walking, taking pictures and catching up on recreational reading, I spent this small portion of my time organizing my stepson's comic book collection, which for a fanboy is an excellent way to pass some quality hours.

Eventually, maybe when I retire, I will actually read the stories as there does seem be something there, and if my stepson (who is smarter than I'll ever be) can find some value in them, I may be able to as well.

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