Sunday, June 22, 2014

Rochester City Hall Green Roof

The northwestern view from the City of Rochester's green roof. (6/21/14)
The final official day of Spring in upstate New York was a beautiful one, and I had the good fortune to visit one of the more unique (and photogenic) green projects in Rochester, New York, the City Hall green roof. Modern green roofs consist of manufactured layers of waterproofing, drainage, soil or growing media, and then vegetation. I have been interested in checking out the roof since it's installation in 2010, but as this roofs is not designed for people to visit, except for maintenance--this is a roof after all--I had to wait for the right moment. Due to the stars aligning, and the perfect weather conditions, today I found myself getting a tour.

Vegetation changes color depending on the season; here Spring becomes Summer. (6/21/14)
Green roofs require minimal maintenance. (6/21/14)
The gravel ballast, previously used to keep roof material down in the wind,
now only supports around the perimeter of the growing medium. (6/21/14)
The filter fabric between the existing roof system and the pre-planted vegetation. (6/21/14)
Close up of green roof vegetation. (6/21/14)
The City Hall building on which the green roof is installed from outside. (6/21/14)
Once again, I find myself wishing I'd paid more attention in science class. The green sciences and technology, as evidenced from the numerous environmentally sound and efficient projects being explored and pursued at all levels of government (and industry) is such a practical application of much of what I've forgotten from high school. The green roof is just one of many green initiatives currently being installed at City Hall, some of which are currently being installed right now.

City of Rochester Green Roof

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