Friday, May 22, 2015

Rabbit, Robin & I Are Friends

American Robin  and Eastern cottontail stop by for a chat. (5/15/15)
Continuing the spring observations of the comings-and-goings of our backyard wildlife, I recently glanced out the kitchen window to see both our backyard bunny and a ubiquitous American Robin snacking in close proximity to one another. Fortunately for me, both were so engaged in their activities that I had enough time to grab my camera before one or both dispersed.

This little fellow lives under our shed. (5/15/15)
While there have been rabbits in the hood for many years (at least as I have come to notice them with greater frequency), they seem to be even more brazen of late. Whether in the street, tree-lawns or in our backyard, the rabbits come and lay about in the grasses in broad daylight. In our own backyard,  since our dog passed away, I've come to look for them each time I'm at the kitchen sink. As evidenced by these pictures, the rabbit regularly hangs out in the backyard at all time of the day and night, clearly unconcerned about being chased back to his hole.

The common, but endlessly interesting, American Robin reflects. (5/15/15)
Despite their overwhelming prevalence in our urban neighborhood, I do still enjoy watching American Robins peck and flit about the trees. Maybe it's precisely because of their everyday presence that they still intrigue me.

No need for a lawn mower... (5/15/15)
Anthropomorphism is a fun thing, and like many I am prone to seeing the interactions between creatures in the "wild" (including mine with them) as having a level of relationship generally reserved for humans. While Robin and rabbit just happen to be in the same locale at the same time, I imagine that this is just them conversing about the day's agenda. When leaving for an early morning run, I usually happen upon Rabbit in the front yard, and wish him a "good morning."

The pecky eater. (5/15/15)

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