Sunday, April 24, 2016

Seneca Park Zoo Roadie

Amur tiger. (4/23/16)
Yesterday was the Seneca Park Zoo's annual Earth Day Celebration. After assisting my wife and her colleagues in setting up their exhibition table, I took advantage of the opportunity to wander to zoo exhibits just prior to opening. This gave me an unusual (for me) chance to linger over each habitat and snap a few pictures. At this time in the morning, it was still grey out, so the colors did not pop like they might have when I came back later in the day to assist with the break down. I did manage to take a few good pictures though... even a broken clock is correct twice a day.

Amur tiger. (4/23/16)
Gray wolf. (4/23/16)
Gray wolf. (4/23/16)
Gray wolf. (4/23/16)
Canada lynx. (4/23/16)
African lion. (4/23/16)
Unique exhibit observation area. (4/23/16)
Olive baboon. (4/23/16)
Olive baboon. (4/23/16)
Olive baboon. (4/23/16)
African elephant. (4/23/16)
African elephants. (4/23/16)
African elephant. (4/23/16)
Sandhill crane. (4/23/16)
Sandhill crane. (4/23/16)
Sandhill crane. (4/23/16)
Sandhill crane versus squirrel. (4/23/16)
Bald eagle. (4/23/16)
Bald eagle. (4/23/16)
Bald eagle. (4/23/16)
Snow geese. (4/23/16)
White rhino. (4/23/16)
White rhino. (4/23/16)
Snowy owl. (4/23/16)

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