Monday, August 08, 2016

What Did the Cat See?

Blackbeard the cat at his post. (7/26/19)
The majority of photographs of backyard wildlife posted on my blog are taken from the large windows that surround our kitchen counter. They open into our backyard. so when an interesting critter or bird comes into view--SNAP! I'll do this at many different times of the day, as reflected in the way that the different hues our lawn take son during the course of the day: sometimes appearing neon green when bathed in sun or deep, dark green when the shade dominates. This accounts for the occasional out-of-focus imagery and lens flare, but also for my ability to take pics when thy can't see us observing them. Blackbeard the cat is a constant viewing companion, so much so, that when we are outside working in the garden, he will prowl the windows to see what's going on. Most of what we see taking place among the tomato cages and bird feeders are, in truth, what the cat saw...

Catbird and sparrow on tomato cages. (7/29/16)
Common Grackles in the grass. (7/29/16)
Frazzled Grackle. (7/26/19)
American Robin. (7/29/16)
Cottontail rabbit with gang of Common Grackles. (7/29/16)
Grackle and Cottontail lunching together. (7/29/16)
Cottontail in the vegetable garden. (7/29/16) 
Male Northern Cardinal. (7/29/16)
Cautious Cottontail. (7/29/16)
Male Northern Cardinal with Common Grackles. (7/29/16)
Male Northern Cardinal. (7/29/16)
American Robin. (7/29/16)
Yakking American Robins. (7/29/16)
Cottontail rabbit. (7/29/16)
Black-Capped Chickadee on Nyjer feeder. (7/29/16)

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