Monday, September 26, 2011

Fairport Lift Bridge Regatta: 9/25/11

The McQuaid Varsity Four launches from the dock.
Yesterday morning (and early afternoon) was spent in large part watching my stepson crew team compete at the Fairport Lift Bridge Regatta in the nearby suburb of Fairport, New York. It was the team's first competition of the fall season and though things did not turn out as they had hoped (anything but gold is not enough), there was a strong sense of comrade and community in the hospitality tent, and a strong sense that the team will continue to improve... oh, and the weather was perfect, too!

The McQuaid Hospitality Tent as viewed from the Main Street Bridge in Fairport, NY.
The calm before the storm of many four boats making their way down-canal toward the finish at the lift bridge in the center of Faiport.
The McQuaid Varsity A storming the finish.

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