Sunday, October 09, 2011

Rochester River Romance 2011

The McQuaid A Eight pushing through the finish!
Weather: Sunny, 74°F, 53% Humidity, Wind: WSW @ 7 mph; feels like 74°F.
Route: To the Genesee Waterways Boat House in Genesee Valley Park & back.

Once again , the weather for the regatta my stepson's school was rowing in was excellent. This is the third Rochester River Romance Regatta I have been to and each year it is always a pleasure to see the leaves beginning to change and the fall weather come blowing into town. While there was little fall weather to be had, the leaves were changing and the rowing was hot and heavy. As an added bonus, it also created an excuse for me to get out and about on my bicycle, somehting I have not taken the opportunity to do of late. I have neglected my training (running) as well, due primarily to a head cold I think I have finally beaten, so a leisurely paced bike ride (at a distance of about 4.5 miles each way) to the regatta was the order of the day.

Stopping on the Riverway Trail.
I can't resist stopping for a photo of a surprise heron.
Rochester from the Ford Street Bridge.
The McQuaid A Eight at the dock prepping their boat.
Heading to the start about 6 kilometers away.
Once again the walkway bridge is chock full o' fans.
The Genessee Waterway Center is the hub of pre-post race activity.
On thier way to the first medal, bronze, of the season.
Be here now!

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