Monday, March 13, 2017

Ubiquitous Birds Post-Windpocalypse

American robin on tree branch. (3/10/17)
It has been months since taking my camera (and not the picture taking function of my cell phone) out for a walk but conditions being what they have been the past 48 hour this morning seemed a good time to do so. Following upstate New York's Wind Storm 2017, we and 100,000 of our neighbors find ourselves without power and I find myself with two days off from school. There are only so many hours one can listen to local politicians pat themselves on the back for being such amazing public servants during a catastrophe, so the silence of the trail provided a welcome break.

Emptied pond on Erie Canal. (3/10/17)
A short drive up the road from the Comfort Inn we have relocated to for the (sadly) foreseeable future, the Lock 32 Canal Park is part of a path I am very familiar with both walking and running with my wife and children. I did not really anticipate seeing too much of great interest beyond the traditional barren terrain of the emptied canal bed, but was pleasantly (okay, really) glad to come across some common park birds. It was like seeing old friends after a long absence. Amongst the creaking trees and polar winds, it was heart-warming to come across a few wood peckers, robins and crows on my short trip down the canal trail...

American robin on the ground. (3/10/17)
American robin keeping watch. (3/10/17)
Erie Canal in Winter-time. (3/10/17)
Pileated woodpecker doing his thing. (3/10/17)
Pileated woodpecker. (3/10/17)
American crow. (3/10/17)
Crows. (3/10/17)
Downy woodpecker. (3/10/17)
Duped water birds in winter. (3/10/17)

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